Are legislators representing you?

We can’t put mercury in thermometers, but dentists can still put mercury in our mouths and into the environment. Sadly, too many people are not even being told that amalgam is 50% mercury, let alone given the choice of dental fillings.

Maine bill LD 1161 as amended will require that the minority of dentists using amalgam in Maine will need to get written consent of the patient before using mercury dental fillings. This would prove that the patient has been counseled on their dental filling choices and that they agree to the mercury fillings.

We believe it is a small inconvenience to add this consent form and ensures that dentists are sharing the information on filling options and consent if amalgam is used.

The Health & Human Services Committee voted 9-4 against the common sense amendment for dental choice. Tell legislators on the committee how you feel about their vote - and take a minute to personalize your email so it has the most impact. (Note, the next step is a full vote of the Maine Senate and House, and we will continue fighting for consumer choice.)