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Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin, and it harms children’s brains as well as Maine’s environment. Sadly, we are still using mercury in dental fillings called amalgam (those fillings misleadingly called “silver fillings” are actually 50% mercury).

Dental amalgam accounts for up to half of the mercury use in the US. Amalgam  pollutes our air, water and soil through an estimated 28 metric tons of dental mercury released from cremation, incineration, sewage, and landfills, according to the US Geological Society. This mercury is also getting into the fish we eat, a second poisoning for people.

That is why we are supporting LD 1161, a bill that simply states no state funds will be used for amalgam fillings, which has two major benefits: reducing a major source of mercury and ensuring people are getting modern dentistry.

The Health and Human Services Committee will vote on the bill on Wednesday April 24, 2019. We need as many emails into the committee as possible before Wednesday morning!