We Want Toxic-Free Car Seats

We rely on car seats to keep children safe. A child may spend hours every week in a car seat. Alarmingly, 87% of car seats recently tested by the Ecology Center's Healthy Stuff program contained halogenated flame retardants, including models produced by Baby Trend, Cosco, Evenflo, Graco, and Safety 1st.

These flame retardant chemicals are linked to learning disabilities, lower IQ, reproductive harm, and obesity. Effects on fetal and child development and on the immune system are particularly concerning. We know that flame retardant chemicals don't stay bound to the fabric or foam and thus can be inhaled or ingested by children, or even absorbed through the skin. These chemicals build up in the body and in our environment.

We believe every child should have a safe car seat free of toxic chemicals. Thankfully, some companies have already made design changes and material choices that reduce or even eliminate chemical flame retardants from their car seats without any loss in fire safety or crash safety.

Please join us in urging Baby Trend, Cosco, Evenflo, Graco, and Safety 1st to follow the lead of companies already making safer car seats by signing the petition below.Save


Here’s what you can do to better protect your children NOW:
- Wash child’s hands and your hands often, especially before eating. Washing hands well with soap and water helps get dust (that has chemicals in it) off hands.
- Vacuum your floors often. Use a wet mop or cloth to get up dust.
- Take off shoes when come into your house (if that is not realistic, brush your feet twice on a good floor mat).

In terms of new products you are buying:
- Look for ones that say they are made without the use of flame retardants, or call the company and ask
- For some products, we can look them up using these tools to see how they are rated in terms of chemicals:  GoodGuide rates products based on health and safety as well as environmental and social responsibility. Search over 75,000 products including personal care, household, baby/kid products, and food. The Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database contains information on over 68,000 products including cosmetics, sunscreens, soaps, perfumes, and more. Have a smart phone? Both of these sites have mobile apps you can download and use while shopping.
- For pajamas, buy ones that say they should be "tight fitting” on kids and/or ones that say flame retardant free.

View the recent car seat study here.