No "free pass" for chemical industry

Thanks to the efforts of LDA and partner organizations, the U.S. Congress is considering bills to reform our broken chemical safety law. Mounting science shows that toxic chemical exposures are contributing to rising rates of learning and developmental disabilities, certain cancers and reproductive health problems.

However, the Senate bill would not provide meaningful public health protection because it contains many loopholes and rollbacks. The bill would remove states’ ability to protect citizens from toxic chemicals. 

The Senate needs to hear from LDA members today! We want real reform that ensures: 

  • swift action to protect us from the worst toxic chemicals;
  • maintains states' rights to protect families from toxic chemicals;
  • proof that chemicals are safe before use in products; 
  • protection for vulnerable groups like pregnant women and children. 

Please take a few minutes to send your Senators an e-mail urging them to pass real reform, and oppose any bill that doesn’t protect our health from toxic chemicals. Thank you!

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