Get toxic BPA out of our food: sign our petition today!

Thanks for joining the campaign for BPA-Free Food! In order to protect the healthy development of babies and children, we must end exposure to BPA in our food supply. This petition will:

1) Ask Maine state agencies to phase out BPA in baby food and toddler food containers under the Kid Safe Products Act, and

2) Ask all current legislators and candidates running for the Maine legislature in 2012 to support the effort to get BPA out of food for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults!

By signing below, you'll help us show widespread support for taking action to remove this dangerous chemical from our kids' food.

To: Current and future Maine policy makers in the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Board of Environmental Protection, and Maine Legislature Bisphenol-A 

(BPA) is a proven toxic chemical linked to cancer, learning disabilities, obesity, and other health problems in children and adults. Most people are exposed to BPA by eating canned foods. BPA exposure could be reduced by two-thirds if food packaging were BPA-free. 

To protect our children, Maine must end the use of BPA in baby food jar lids and toddler food can linings. Please protect children’s health by supporting the replacement of BPA in baby food and toddler food packaging sold in Maine with safer chemicals.

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This petition is no longer active.