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Dear Supporter,                       

If you believe children deserve clean air and drinking water, and healthy places to live, play and learn, now is the time to stand up and take action.

The president has proposed cutting the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by a third, when in fact we need to be increasing it. If these cuts are approved, we could lose programs that remove lead from homes and schools, funding for state and local monitoring of air quality, progress on getting toxic chemicals out of products, and so much more.

The Appropriations Committee is working on the EPA budget on Tuesday. Your Senators need hear from you today that now is the time to increase the EPA budget, not cut it.

Just type in your address here and it will give you the names of your Senators and the phone numbers for their state and DC offices. A sample call script is provided below.  Please send an email to me so we count the calls going into Senate offices.

Sample Call Script:

"Hello, I'm (Name) with the Learning Disabilities Association of (State). I'm a (parent, teacher, nurse, school administrator...). I'm calling to ask Sen. X to make sure the Environmental Protection Agency is fully funded through the appropriations process, and its budget is not cut. EPA programs keep our state’s drinking water safe, our air breathable, help get lead out of our homes and schools, and keep toxic chemicals out of products. Our children’s and families’ health depend on the EPA being fully funded.

Will Sen. X make sure EPA’s budget is maintained or increased?

Please call your Senator today before it’s too late. Together we can protect our children’s precious growing minds and bodies by ensuring EPA has the resources to keep our air, drinking water, food and products clean and safe.

Let’s raise our strong LDA voices on behalf of children’s health. Together we can take action and keep EPA working for all of us!

Thank you for everything you do on behalf of young minds!

Tracy Gregoire

Learning Disabilities Association of America's Healthy Children Project

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