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We want to share two workshop opportunities offered by partner organizations. The first called “Transition to Kindergartin” is tomorrow, Wednesday May 21st in Augusta, and the second on “Accessible Instructional Materials or (AIM)” is on June 10th and is an on-line presentation. Both are free and open to the public.


Transition to Kindergarten: A Natural Progression

Presented by Jan Avery, Maine Parent Federation


Changes and transitions affect us all. You or your child may feel overwhelmed by all the changes. Preparing for your child’s transition to kindergarten is an exciting and, at times, chaotic journey. For parents of children with disabilities and special needs, the transition from the Child Development Services (CDS) to public school can seem to be confusing and overwhelming. Learn some of the changes to expect as you and your child move from the pre-school to the public school experience. Join us for this exciting workshop and discover how to orchestrate the transition process and feel more conformable with the changes that will take place.


Date:     Wednesday May 21, 2014 from: 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Location:  Children’s Center, 1 Alden Ave in Augusta


Workshops are free to parents/caregivers and guardians.


You may register by phone at 1-800-264-9224612-8996; or 





AIM for Parents and Families

Free On-line Presentation  Please join us!

Date:   06/10/2014

Time:  8:00 - 8:30 pm in the evening

Location:  on-line!

If your child has trouble reading because of learning, physical, or visual disability, AIM may help.


AIM (Accessible Instructional Materials) are books and other learning materials provided in different formats, such as digital text, audio, braille and large print.


The following questions will be addressed:

•What do I need to know about AIM?

•How do I know if my child needs AIM?

•Where does the school get AIM for my child?

•Who do I talk to at my child’s school about AIM?


Please join us on June 10th at 8:00 pm for this special free, on-line presentation for parents and families to learn more about AIM. This event requires high speed access to the Internet. Information on how to “join the meeting” will be sent to you when you sign-up.  


To register click on this link  http://maine-aim.org/content/aim-parents-and-families



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Tracy Gregoire
Learning Disabilities Association of Maine

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