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Dear Supporter,

Tell Congress it's time to protect Maine families from toxic chemicals lurking in everyday products!

I'm excited to share that LDA of Maine is leading a group of eight women to Washington D.C. to demand safe, toxic-free products. Please show your support for safer products by signing our petition today and our group will hand-deliver your message to Congress on October 29th.

Why are we going to D.C.?

Our nation's chemical safety system is badly broken and every day our children's health is threatened by dangerous chemicals in our products. That's why we've been working with our coalition A Clean and Healthy Maine and partners from across the country to protect our kid's health from toxic chemicals. We are fighting for a long-awaited upgrade to the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act, which has failed time and time again to protect our families from toxic chemicals linked to cancer, learning disabilities, and reproductive problems.

The good news is that for the first time a new bill, the Chemical Safety Improvement Act, has bi-partisan support. But the chemical industry does not want real reform and is fighting critical improvements to this bill. So we are sending eight Mainers, to join folks from all over the country, to straighten up this toxic mess. Our coalition's group includes moms, small business owners, and community leaders and two of us are LDA members.

Betty runs a small business called Mainetaine, providing classes on how to clean in a safe, toxic-free way. She is working with LDA to get toxic chemicals out of our homes and is going to ask Senator Collins and Senator King who will they protect, Maine families or the chemical industry?

As LDA's Healthy Children's Project Coordinator, I will lead this fabulous group of women in D.C. As a mom of a 4 year-old with special needs, I understand how important safer chemicals are for our kids' health, and will continue this fight till all products on store shelves are safe for our families.

Betty and I will deliver our clear and simple message to Washington: Maine families have waited long enough for safer products. Protect our kids by fixing our broken chemical safety law this session.

Please show your support for safer products by signing this petition today and we will hand-deliver it to Congress on October 29th.

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Thank you for your support. Together, we can make products safer for our families.

Tracy Gregoire
Learning Disabilities Association of Maine

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