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Last chance.... Please Call your legislators TODAY and ask them to Stand Up for Your Health, Not Billion Dollar Companies!

Dear Supporter,


This morning I was at the State House again to ask legislators to support our BPA Healthy Kids Bill. The good news is that more legislators are leaning towards a yes vote. The bad news... we only have hours left to pass this bill and legislators need to hear from more people, like you.


If you think billion dollar food manufacturers should tell us if they use BPA, then call your legislators TODAY and ask them to support the majority report of 

LD 1181, our Healthy Kids BPA Bill.


It's easy, only takes a few minutes, and it really does make a difference!




1) Look up your legislator by town (if you don’t know their names)  or if you live in a larger Maine town or city, look up your legislator by address (just put in your address, click submit, and go to the Elected Officials tab and look under Maine Senate and Maine House.)



2) Call the numbers below NOW and leave a message day or night for your legislators. (Your message will be hand delivered to their desks at the State House!):

 Senator Message Line for all Senators 1-800-423-6900 (TTY line 207-287-1583)

 Representatives Message Line for all Representatives 1-800-423-2900 (TTY line 207-287-4469)

3) Not sure what to say? Here’s a draft script for your calls. Share why you care about this bill and ask them to vote for the majority report.

My name is ______ and I live at ___________. As a (parent, grandparent, nurse, etc) my job is to protect kids from harm, but I need your help. I am calling today to ask you to vote for the majority report of LD 1181, the BPA bill. Please require billion dollar companies to tell us if they use toxic BPA in their packaging. Thank you!

You can personalize your message by sharing one reason why you care about reporting on toxic chemicals like BPA. Use a version of one of these or make up your own:

-      -  BPA has been linked to learning disabilities, obesity, even cancer. We have a right to know which foods contain this toxic chemical.

 -      - Studies show that we could reduce our BPA levels up to 2/3 if we get BPA out of food packaging! But right now we don't know which foods contain toxic BPA.

-       - Please don’t let billion dollar companies keep us in the dark any longer.

 OR share another reason why you want to know what toxic chemicals are in food packaging.


4) Then let us know that you made the calls.

It's that easy :).




LD 1181 would finally require the biggest food manufacturers to report whether they use BPA and other worst of the worst chemicals in their food packaging, and finally provide all Maine families with this critical information.


Tomorrow looks like the LAST DAY the legislature will vote on bills before their recess, and returning to deal with the State budget. That means this is our LAST CHANCE to pass our BPA bill, and we need your help.


With a veto from the Governor a likely possibility, we need every legislator possible in our corner. Please call your legislators NOW and ask them to support LD 1181, the majority report. If you have already contacted your legislator in the past few weeks, that’s ok. Call them and remind them you are watching this vote.


Want to have a bigger impact? Take an extra minute to personalize your voicemail message, sharing why YOU want BPA-free food, then forward this call action to colleagues, family, and friends and ask them to take action as well. We need 2/3 vote of both house and senate to discourage, and override, a possible Governor's veto. 


I will continue to keep you posted on our progress. Thanks again for your support!

Tracy Gregoire
Learning Disabilities Association of Maine


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***Please also forward this email to others who may be interested in protecting their family against toxic chemicals.***