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Hi Supporter,

Our Healthy Kids Bill needs your help TODAY!

The Healthy Kids Bill is being worked on today by the Environment and Natural Resources Committee. They need to hear from YOU so they know this bill is a priority for Maine families. Tell them to stand with Maine families and not the chemical industry! 

If Maine lawmakers do not act TODAY, we will see no further progress to protect our kids from BPA and other harmful chemicals in our homes. Today is the day to tell the committee we need THEIR HELP to protect our families from toxic chemicals.

Maine Kids Need More Than A List!

Last year, Maine named 49 Chemicals of High Concern, proven through strong scientific evidence to cause cancer, reproductive problems, and hormone disruption. These 49 chemicals are present in everyday products - from BPA in your family's favorite can of soup to parabens in shampoo and phthalates in vinyl shower curtains.

You CAN help, please take action NOW!

Click here to send a message directly to the Committee TODAY!

Tell Maine lawmakers to stand up for kids and not the chemical industry! Nothing is more effective for moving lawmakers into action than PERSONALIZED communications from people like you. Personalize your email by telling them why YOU want help getting toxic chemicals out of products and out of our bodies.

We’re almost there – but we need your help to get BPA and other toxic chemicals out of our homes.

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since we launched our campaign to get BPA out of baby food in Maine, but we know that our members have made it possible every step of the way – collecting signatures, making phone calls, and turning out en masse to the public hearing. Please help us cross the finish line by giving a donation today! Click HERE to make a contribution at whatever level is most comfortable for your family. And THANK YOU for making our work possible.

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Tracy Gregoire
Learning Disabilities Association of Maine


***Please forward this email to others who may be interested in our trainings or the Safer Products, Healthy Kids Day.***