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Maine Kids Need More Than A List

Last year, Maine named 49 Chemicals of High Concern, proven through strong scientific evidence to cause cancer, reproductive problems, and hormone disruption. These 49 chemicals and two others that have already been prioritized by the State (BPA and NPEs) are present in everyday products - from BPA in your family's favorite can of soup to parabens in shampoo and phthalates in vinyl shower curtains.

This legislative session we are working to pass 2 bills that will protect families from BPA and other harmful chemicals.

  • LD 902 – This is the final step to phase out BPA from infant and baby food packaging – a proposal that Maine moms brought to the State by gathering over 800 signatures last year.
  • LD 1181 – An Act to Further Protect Pregnant Women and Children from Toxic Chemicals will identify which products contain the 49 worst chemicals associated with cancer other illnesses, and take action to get those chemicals out of household products that Maine children encounter every day. The bill would also remove a loophole currently blocking protection from BPA in food packaging for kids and adults.

Please Take Action Now

We have work to do this spring. Unless we get Maine lawmakers to act, we will see no further progress to protect our kids from BPA and other harmful chemicals in our homes.

The legislators who sit on the Environment and Natural Resources Committee will consider these two important proposals in April. 

3 Ways You Can Help

1. Click here to send a message in support of LD 902 and LD 1181 to your legislators today.

2. Attend a public hearing- speaking in support is important and so is just being present to pack the room and demonstrate solidarity

BPA hearing on LD 902 - Wednesday, April 10th 1pm

Safer Products hearing on LD 1181 - Thursday, April 11th 1pm

3. Join us on April 11th for SAFER PRODUCTS HEALTHY KIDS DAY

When: April 11th, 8:00 AM- through the public hearing that afternoon

Where: The Maine State House


This is our best opportunity to get Maine lawmakers to stand up for kids and not the chemical industry! Nothing is more effective for moving lawmakers into action than face-to-face conversations with constituents who really care about getting toxic chemicals away from our kids. At our day at the State House we will talk to Senators and Representatives about LD 902 – removing BPA from infant formula and baby food packaging, and LD 1181 – taking further action to protect kids from BPA and 49 other dangerous chemicals of high concern. Can you join us to help protect Maine families from BPA and other toxic chemicals in household products? Please sign up for Safer Products Healthy Kids Day today!

New research links BPA exposure to childhood asthma  

We know that the vast majority of the population has BPA in our bodies from everyday exposure to consumer products and food items that contain the hormone-disrupting chemical. We also know that asthma rates have been rising, and today one out of every 10 children in the U.S. has been diagnosed with asthma. Could there be a relationship between BPA exposure and asthma?  A new study out of Columbia this month suggests a disturbing connection. The study, which tested 568 children over the course of several years, found that 3, 5 and 7 year-olds with higher levels of BPA were more likely to develop asthma by the age of 12 than their peers. This evidence is worrisome for parents and public health advocates alike: “We saw increased risk of asthma at fairly routine, low doses of BPA,” said lead author Dr. Kathleen Donohue.  More research is needed to fully understand this connection, but in the meantime we say: let’s get BPA out of our children’s products!

We’re almost there – but we need your help to get BPA out of baby food in Maine, once and for all!

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since we launched our campaign to get BPA out of baby food in Maine, but we know that our members have made it possible every step of the way – collecting signatures, making phone calls, and turning out en masse to the public hearing. Please help us cross the finish line by becoming a member (or renewing your membership) today! Click HERE to make a contribution at whatever level is most comfortable for your family. And THANK YOU for making our work possible.

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Tracy Gregoire
Learning Disabilities Association of Maine


***Please forward this email to others who may be interested in our trainings or the Safer Products, Healthy Kids Day.***