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Dear Supporter,

Breaking news: The Safe Chemicals Act (S. 847) just passed the committee this morning, and now goes to the Senate!

The bill had a hearing at 10am this morning and the committee voted to pass Senator Lautenberg's Safe Chemicals Act and move it to the Senator floor!  This was the first time in 36 years there was a vote on a bill that would overhaul broken Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the nation's badly broken chemical safety law. The Safe Chemicals Act, if passed, would finally protect all families from toxic chemicals.

This is a really big deal!

And there is more good news. Your support helped move Senator Snowe who played a pivotal role in this victory. Friday, at the eleventh hour, U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe sent a letter to the Environment and Public Works Committee Chairs to “express my support for reform of our nation’s chemical safety law.”  In her letter, Senator Snowe said: “I am ready to join you in finally modernizing TSCA.”  In her press release, Sen. Snowe mentioned that she recently met with two-dozen Maine moms (including myself) to hear their concerns about the safety of children’s products and the need to update TSCA. 

Thank Senator Snowe for demonstrating public support for fixing our broken chemical safety system, and ask for her commitment to moving the Safe Chemicals Act through the process and passing the Senate bill this year.

Ever since the our organization co-lead the bus trip of 25 amazing Maine women to DC in May, Senator Snowe has been stepping up her support for reform of the badly broken chemical safety system. Since our hour-long visit with Senator Snowe on May 22nd when we delivered an incredible 2,500 messages from Mainers just like you asking for her support, It worked! 

Senator Snowe has shown real leadership in moving this bill through the legislative process. Last week she spoke out against the dirty tactics of the toxic flame retardant industry. Now, she has shown that she is ready to work on toxic chemical reform. Let’s show our appreciation for her support, and then ask her to lead the way to a bipartisan process to finally pass chemical safety reforms.

Take action today. This is when it really counts! 

Tracy Gregoire
Maine Healthy Children's Project Director
Learning Disabilities Association of Maine
(207) 504-2556
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