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Our friends Marin and Noah visit Congressman Michaud

Please Join Us:

Get on our bus to DC!

Want to visit DC? Here's your chance! May 22nd there will be our national day of action in Washington, DC, where activists from all over the country will gather to ask Congress to pass the Safe Chemicals Act. We are sending a bus from Maine to DC. The cost of the bus trip and hotel rooms will be completely covered. We will depart on Monday May 21st and Wednesday May 23rd.

Check out the event details and learn how to request your seat today.

Celebrate Autism Awareness Month by taking action in the comfort of your own home!

We shouldn't need a degree in chemistry to figure out what products are safe. Our job as parents is to protect our children, but we can't protect our children from toxic chemicals without strong policies that protect our health.

We have our first real chance in over 35 years to fix the broken chemical safety law. The Safe Chemicals Act is expected to come out of committee for a Senate vote this spring! Please take action by sending Senators Snowe and Collins a message, asking them co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act and lead it through the Senate.'


Tracy Gregoire

Maine Healthy Children's Project Director

Happy Autism Awareness Month!

April is Autism Awareness Month and we know autism has touched so many of our lives.

Erica Harris, a Mom of two children and member of our organization, shared her story in a Sun Jounal Op Ed "In my quest for information on parenting a child with autism, I am finding that researchers are looking more and more at the link between exposure to environmental  toxins and the rising rates of autism."

New Autism rate is now estimated to be 1 in 88 children. If you have a boy, you should know that the autism rate for boys is 5 times as common, with 1 in 54 diagnosed with an autism disorder. This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report affirms what many of us know already knew, that autism in the United States is continuing to rise. The report also stated that the highest increases in autism rates are in black and Hispanic children.

The (CDC) new estimate is a 23 percent increase: from the 1 in 110 (in 2009) to the current estimate of 1 in 88. Why are we seeing this increase? More and more research is showing us that we need be concerned about environmental causes, including chemicals and air pollution. In 2011, a Stanford study of autism in twins concluded that nearly 60% of children with autism may be caused by environmental factors. And studies from University of Southern California and others have suggested possible links between air pollution and neurological disorders.

Autism, learning disabilities, cancer, reproductive harm, and diabetes are on the rise. We also know that these and many other health problems are associated with toxic chemicals exposure from consumer products.

Why do we have so many toxic chemicals in our products?

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is a badly broken law that does not protect our health. In the last 35 years, only 200 of the 80,000 chemicals currently used in commerce have been tested for their threat to human health and the environment. The vast majority of chemicals on the market today remain untested! We can't afford to wait any longer to update our chemical safety system.

There is Good News... The Safe Chemicals Act continues to move towards a vote this spring! And last week our very own Sandy Cort was in Washing
ton DC asking our Congress members to support the Safe Chemicals Act. This bill would finally protect the health of all families from toxic chemicals. Now is our chance.

The Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 will receive a committee mark up THIS MONTH, and then go to the Senate for a vote. This important policy reform would require immediate action to phase out dangerous chemicals in our products in favor of safer alternatives, and require companies to disclose safety information.

BUT we are still waiting for Senators Snowe and Collins to take a stand.

Please TAKE ACTION by sending Senators Snowe and Collins a message, asking them to co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act and lead it through the Senate. 

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