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Thanks for helping us get the toxic chemical BPA out of our food!

If the toxic chemical BPA is removed from food packaging, we could reduce human exposure to BPA by two-thirds!
Sign the petition now to support the phase out of BPA from baby food and toddler food containers!
In order to protect the healthy development of babies and children, we must end exposure to BPA in our food supply.

This petition will:
1) Ask Maine state agencies to phase out BPA in baby food and toddler food containers under the Kid Safe Products Act, and
2) Ask all current legislators and candidates running for the Maine legislature in 2012 to support the effort to get BPA out of food for babies, toddlers, kids and adults! By signing below, you'll help us show widespread support for taking action to remove this dangerous chemical from our kids' food.
Our children need BPA-free food now. Let's take our children's health into our own hands! Join us by signing this petition, and help us work towards removing BPA from our food supply!
What is BPA?
Bisphenol-A, or BPA for short, is a toxic chemical that wreaks havoc on our hormones, especially early in life when babies and children are in their most critical stages of development. BPA mimics the hormone estrogen and has been associated with a whole host of adverse health effects including learning disabilities, infertility, breast cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and early onset of puberty.
BPA is a common chemical found in many consumer products such as the plastics used to make some toys and the linings and lids of food containers. It is also frequently found in dental sealants, cash register receipts, and compact discs.
BPA is known to leach out of storage containers for water and other drinks, as well as from the linings of food cans, where it is then ingested. Studies have shown that most Americans have detectable BPA levels in their blood. A 2011 study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that people who ate a small portion of canned soup every day for only five days had a ten-fold increase in blood levels of BPA. The Maine Center for Disease Control states that even low levels of BPA may be harmful to unborn babies, infants, and children.
BPA and Maine
In 2010, BPA was named the first Priority Chemical targeted for immediate action under Maine’s Kid Safe Products Act. In 2011, the Maine Legislature authorized a ban on BPA in baby bottles, sippy cups, and other reusable food and beverage containers in a nearly unanimous vote. As of January 1, 2012, all reusable food and beverage containers sold in Maine must be BPA-free.
But reporting by companies and testing by the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine (of which we are a proud member) shows that BPA is still being used in baby food jar lids and toddler food cans.
The new Alliance testing found BPA in all but one of twelve containers of baby food purchased in January, 2012 at four Maine retail outlets. We also tested three samples of canned foods aimed at young children: these all tested positive for BPA as well. All the samples were from six well-known food companies and included some organic labels. (You can download testing results of BPA in baby food as Word document),
It’s time to get BPA out of baby food and toddler food. We’re taking our health into our own hands.

Help us get BPA out of our food by signing this petition today.

Visit our website for more information on the toxic chemical BPA. 
Tracy Gregoire
Maine Healthy Children’s Project Director


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