Walgreens, Please Partner with LDAs on Safer Products

Over a quarter of learning and developmental disabilities are caused in part by environmental factors including exposure to toxic chemicals.* It is time to eliminate toxic chemicals in products and reduce these numbers.

For over a decade, Walgreens has set the highest standards for training, hiring, and mentoring people with disabilities and providing a truly inclusive workplace.

LDAs are asking Walgreens to partner with us again and adopt the strongest chemical policy possible. Read our letter to Walgreens.

We also encourage Walgreens to review the Five Essential Practices for retailers, companies and suppliers and consider the BizNGO Principles for Safer Chemicals.

For More Information:

Walgreens Product Integrity/Chemical Sustainability Program Page

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How retailers can collaborate on safer chemicals


  * Scientific Frontiers in Developmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment by the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Developmental Toxicology, 2000

** Walgreens merged with Alliance Boots in late 2014. Boots has one of the one of the strongest safer chemicals policy of any retailer